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The military industrial complex is on the move in cyberspace. But they leave a trail. Here at the cafe we pick up on the nuances of the shadow language. The Sigmund Freud Google Doodle reveals the inner thoughts of the matrix. We explore the mass mind control techniques of the masters and the hidden subconscious message relating to the Titanic scenario of the coming financial collapse. ISIS acquires merchant marine officer for covert high seas mission. Abandoned oil tanker was ashore on the Liberian coast. Is the plot coming apart? Daesh involved in chemical attacks. Canadian forces under chemical threat. DHS drills chemical attack on NYC subway. Russians report chemical weapons in militant hands. Israel bombs Hezbollah in Syria. Netanyahu reports they have game changing weapons. SAS makes daring capture of ISIS leaders. Allah rides British buses. New London mayor's militant connections. British aid diverted to ISIS. Riots at the Brenner Pass. EU Commission demands massive fine for refusing to aid migrants. Naval mission benefiting migration not stopping it. Top Bilderberger heads UN Migration Council. Clinton's receive $100 million from Middle East regimes. Four Clinton Foundation trustees charged or convicted of financial crimes. Trump gaining support. US boots on the ground in Yemen. Al Qaeda marketing strategy to include the son of Bin Laden. ISIS offensive gains ground. Quartermaster company deployed to Kuwait and Iraq. Turkey threatens unilateral Syrian operation. Russian builds the ultimate doomsday weapon. Georgian maneuvers unsettle Moscow. Russian planes intercepted. Royal Navy shadows Russian ship in English Channel.

Putin says Russia will 'neutralise threats' after US opens missile base

The English manner homes of the despots. Cameron gives the golden handshake to the world's greatest looters of the state's assets. Ontario's double standard. It's O.K. to sexually harass women if you're a party member. VE Day. What's that? Has the world forgotten? Trump bankruptcy specialist falling in favor with elites. Hint. Hint. Bankruptcies skyrocket. The dollar panic. Your savings are ours in the EU. Unemployment spikes. China cannot cross the divide to consumerism. Bin Laden Group in dire straights. Saudi's reshuffle cabinet. San Francisco real estate bubble at the peak. Digital wealth confiscation. How to fudge the S & P. NYC condo BOOM! Sign, sign everywhere a sign. MSG destroying your mind. Tons of dead fish washing up on many distant shores. Canada's monster fire wipes out Fort McMurray. Think that's bad. Wait for the Apocalypse. German nuclear plant gets virus. Amerigeddon 'banned' in Canada. That's how you know the truth. Are you ready? Police communicate live terrorism by E-Mail and send it to the wrong address yet. What happened to ancient radio and the all points bulletin? On Conspiracy Cafe we take you from God to Google.

The rapture is a diversion of the faithful down a false trail in my opinion. CONTINUED:

That's the CIA fakes.

JFK assassination writer lured into honeypot with prostitutes. It was an S & M tryst where he was tied up and tortured. The FBI recorded the event and passed around the pictures of Mr. Pinhead around government circles. Would anyone challenge the FBI about the conspiracy. They murdered the President. Didn't they? Then shot his brother. There is a price for telling the truth. That is part of the refining fire process. Will you pass or remain silent? Shout from the rooftops as loud as you can for as long as you can. God is listening.

Posted by George Freund on May 16, 2016 at 9:29 AM 2099 Views