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GCHQ, NSA infiltrate and disrupt alternative media. I think we know a little bit about that. GCHQ makes Harry Potter volume JOB 1. Was it a time released action plan? Ah HELLFIRE waylayed missile arrives in Cuba. Was that the reason for detente? Air Serbia flight found with HELLFIRE missile aboard. Pentagon and CIA arm opposing militias. The global jihad goes on regardless of ISIS. Iran increases forces in Syria. Russia using PKK. Rebels get anti-air capability. Turkey arming rebels. Secret meeting with Daesh. The war plan for Libya. Yemen's resource war. The clash of civilizations. Predictive programming from The Night Manager. The War You Don't See. Saudi religious police curbed. Islamic survey says goodbye liberal left. Christian brigades formed. Ceasefire in tatters. Russia bombs. More stooges arrested in false flag terror. Militants sight missiles at London. Russian fighter sets distance record can escort bombers. Russian jets buzz USS Donald Cook. Russians to land on Svalbard. NATO trains to take on MIGS. New Harpoon for RCN. Russian doomsday planes ready.

Russia's Putin Tells Turkey's Erdogan: Stop Supporting Syrian Terrorists or Russia will take Istanbul

The ring of fire has come alive with quakes in Japan, Vanuatu, Ecuador and the Kuril-Kamchatka Arc. There were two serious volcanic eruptions in Japan. Is Kyushu being pulled apart? What of the mysterious white foam? Were Japan's two working reactors targeted? The seismographs are shaking stateside. Has a vent opened under Yellowstone? Regardless there's a whole lot of shaking going on.

A Decades-Long Quest to Drill Into Earth's Mantle May Soon Hit Pay Dirt

These scientists are drilling a deep hole into the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Here’s why.

Icelandic bankers released. Cameron avoids estate tax. The PANIC sets in. Emergency meetings. Millionaire bug outs. Paris protests. Commercial bankruptcies soar. Wealth evaporation. Spanish banks hit. Lose $6.4 billion layoff 5,000 and get a 20% raise. It's difficult to find good help these days. Stagnation. Credit cycle ends. China's troubles. IMF says financial crisis. Cause number one excessive taxation. Cause number two free trade. Cause number three ZIRP. Precious metals the fix was in.

Saudi 9/11 release. Obama goes on bended knee. Papa Cruz in JFK plot. Erdogan demands jail for comedian. Vaxxed.Windows 10 spy central. Windows 10 steals bandwidth. Pole shift a carbon event. They happened all through history. Arctic port proposed by Canada. Canadian military brass not informed of Afghan abuse. Fix bayonets. Hub shelved by Google. Thanks for coming out. David Gest dies. Was it a conspiracy? He had the same plastic surgeon as MJ. Justinian visits the University of Waterloo time experiment central. Trudeau defends on shore. Cancer manmade? Euthanasia California style. Common meds shrink the brain that's the drowsy warning folks. Quick call the COP21 today's the day Agenda 21 gets codified. On Conspiracy Cafe the GCHQ wizards are held to account.

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