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Christ said the truth sets us free. Could that be a statement in quantum physics. Time experiments theorize that changing the future changes the past. If we discovered the truth and swept away Satan's lies, we would change the future. In that Matrix could we restore history to the time of the prophets or even further to the time of Eden? We dare to try.


STOP TRUMP! The devil in the details. The mudslinging. Romney's FBI cousin assassin? Immunity for Clinton aide. The secret meeting near Jekyll Island. Israel buys Cotton. Republican civil war cedes election to Hillary. The elites have chosen Clinton to lead us to war. Scripture says the blood is on the hands of those who know and don't warn. Invasion preparations Ukraine. Exercise Cold Response. Marines Cold Response. Submarine drill in Arctic ICEX. North Korea threatens nuclear response to Exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle. Task force heads to Chinese islands. USS John C. Stennis under the rainbow. Will the covenant be broken? ICBM's tested. Saudi Arabia's Northern Thunder. Plan B for Syria. Turks shelling. U.S. builds air bases. Iran's underground missile base. Hack test at Pentagon. Russian bombing 'accurate.' Graffiti at the ISIS cave. ISIS money laundering. The MIGRATION bomb. The conversion is on. Soros controls White House. Trudeau on 60 minutes. ISIS uniform shipment seized. Daesh losing. Kurds bust sleeper cell. No fly lists still nightmares. RCMP hound VICE journalist. The war on cash. Banks hoard cash from NIRP. South American collapse. Russia stocking up on gold. Federal Reserve hacked. Corporate defaults surpass Lehman moment. Pemex on the ropes. The oil crunch. Retailers going under. Distressed bonds Venezuela. Let the people starve. Pay the loan. Mass miner murder. Military Police prepare for unrest. Royal Navy goes deep south. What's up? The Ark of the Covenant? CFB Borden spook central. Cross border policing blues. Mohawks under the lens. Baby parts commodities. Neural Imprinting the new gold rush. American war record. On Conspiracy Cafe we explore the Grand Designs.

USS John C. Stennis under the rainbow

USS John C. Stennis passing through the rainbow.

The rainbow is God's covenant. The Stennis is the fire and the brimstone. If she passes through, is she a symbol of the breaking of the covenant and the start of the Revelation?

WHY YEMEN IS THE NEXT WAR FRONT? The battle for the Ark of the Covenant.

God Does Not Dwell in a Temple Made With Hands



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