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It's Super Tuesday and the fix is reported in in Texas. The voting machines have been tampered with to prevent votes for Trump. Turkish forces pouring into Syria. Is the ceasefire a design for war? The Great Wall of Trump. Assassinations jokes. Esquire magazine's veiled threat. Giuliana for kitchen cabinet. His 9/11 lies. There were warnings General Hayden. Trump and the Fed. China warns U.S. over Trump. Pappa Bush's threat. Trump's dirt file.


All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.

Chou En-lai

Exercise Phoenix Defender in Quebec CBRN. Radical Islamist at Quebec College. Are we getting ready for a plot? TRUCEFIRE our addition to the dictionary. Russia starts by grounding planes. Many coalition strikes prior. Ceasefire violations. CENTCOM says 40% of ISIS intell flawed. Are U.S missiles hitting Russian officers? Kerry boots on the ground. NATO on station in Aegean. RCAF moves to Romania for the main event. U.S. Ukraine drills. No plan B. Italy says no troops in Libya. Pentagon says YES! Brits move in. Anonymous planes bomb Libya. Russia's Magrav technology. Chemical weapons used in Iraq. Kurds will resist Iran. Chemical weapons investigated.

Did Turkey Murder 1000 Syrian POWs at Raqqah?

Armenian genocide the one the world forgets. ISIS seem to be fellow travellers. The end run is the genocide of Christians as the anti-Christ forces advance.

Fighting in the Venezuelan streets. Gold reserves dispatched to Deutsche Bank. I wonder? Abengoa Bioenergy Chapter 11. Subprime auto loan meltdown. Big chains closing stores en masse. The downturn stateside. The BIGGEST BUBBLE set to burst. ECB's strategy. Worse than Lehman is here. Artificial sperm is here. Pope's receptionist found dead. MK Ultra reporter murdered. 67 tons of cash on CIA charter. Iran's sanctions over. TPP penalties approach burning at the stake. More police state powers for Poland in the march to the anti-Christ state. Mama Were All Crazee Now. Pass the SOMA. Ancient herbs for the third eye. On Conspiracy Cafe Fruit of the Illuminati.

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

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