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There is a monumental financial crisis on the horizon. In the past armies marched after. The world is on the verge of both. We examine the lead ups to the catastrophe from the moral high ground. What was the 'apple'? Experiments with primates show the introduction of money into their Eden causes the males to fight and females to adopt prostitution. They quickly resort to theft and cheating. It sounds like the real world. Wouldn't a better system be based on love of God, our fellows and Eden? The primates resisted the removal of the money once established too.

Massive radiation spike at Indian Point nuclear power plant. Was Trump given the warning with his emergency landing? Was Lavoy Finicum tasered? Ted Cruz's staff the hoi polloi of the CIA, CFR, and Goldman Sachs. The master plan to destroy Europe written in 1922. You call it a migrant crisis. The Soldiers of Odin patrol Finland's streets. Robert O'Driscoll said the gangs would play an important part in the creation of the NWO. German police arrest migrant terror cell. Obama scores with massive prison release. Are the Muslim converts? World wide migrant protests. Retired Foreign Legion Commandant arrested in Calais. Thought Police invent a new disease Islamophobia. Is it fear of stoning or being put to the sword? Former German journalist says Merkel's government controls the media completely. Calais sex attacks were NOT to be reported. Victoria, B.C. migrant oasis. Saudi Arabia masses for Syrian invasion. Think tanks report Russia would take Baltic states in days. Russia pounds Syrian positions. Former PNAC proponent and husband of war psychopath Victoria Newland says U.S. boots on the ground for human shield perhaps? Turkey, Israel and ISIS desire Syrian resources. Reports Army reviewing personnel records en masse. North Korea tests missile. North Korea signs Svalbard Treaty. Nice place for a LAUNCH Europe. The End of the World prophecies with the Russo Turkish war. The risks. Action at the line of contact in Ukraine. Maiden massacre guns found. Canadian Exercise Maple Resolve and Trillium Response commences. Russian Arctic assets. Massive Al Qaeda convoy moves into Syria. Nuke shipment advances. German train crash. Did they take care of business? D.C. madam's black book release? Zika ground zero site of GM mosquito release. Flight from Mogadishu explodes. ISIS plan to nuke U.S. cities. Toronto on 'brink' of flu epidemic. CIA's X Files rather dated. ISIS man shot in Ottawa. UFO siting in Russia. Michigan judge sends beater cop to prison. Florida police shoot up wrong home. OOPS! Baby killed in Mexican drug war. LAPD says protect yourself. There's a waiting period for response. Baby rescued from car wreck after policeman hears 'voice.' Was it God?

I'm cuckoo for CoCo bonds. Deutsche Bank's no return, no default swindle. U.S. dollar drop. How bad? Restaurant recession. The Fed's disaster plan looks good. The worst case scenario looks rather tame. Spanish leftists resist banker's legal larceny. Deutsche Bank has PARABOLIC attached to credit default swap risks. The end is near. Dot Com dot gone again. Massive market sell off. German judges refute trade pact. Whiff of panic. Market report. Contagion hits Japan. Deutsche Bank's CoCo bond collapse. War on cash. The gold rush. Are they swinging out the life boats? Credit Suisse cuts costs. Did the Oracle of Delphi have a laptop? Prepper cake no milk, eggs or butter. On Conspiracy Cafe the UNIVERSAL TRUTHS CONTINUE.

Posted by George Freund on February 12, 2016 at 9:05 AM 1795 Views