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We'll be back in the saddle after our long hiatus. The global markets have deflated across the planet. The world has been awash in false flag action. The latest Google Doodle outlines my cure for disease. Sometimes you need to have it HOT HOT HOT!

Sugar Satan's primary murder weapon. Wilbur Scoville Google Doodle the spice of life. DOW (N) FALL (S). Bank boss says hopefully HELP! Markets Kaput. Baltic Dry Index collapses. Financial Apocalypse. World markets crash. Corporate debt risks. The Disappeared. Merger & Acquisition MADNESS! Chinese market shutdown. 2016 Worst start. U.S. stocks down 20%. China wanes with oil and copper. Royal Bank of Scotland says SELL! Panic just makes it worse. Canada collapses too. Get radical. Ruble plunges. Argentina inflation paradise. Wal-Mart closes hundreds of stores. Ron Paul warns end of petro dollar era. Twenty per cent of market wealth eliminated. The free trade did it. Hyperbolic debt, hyperbolic gold the reset model. China Yuan Gold fix. The Charles Perrault Google Doodle. Sanctions slaughter. Russia's oil war. Caltech says PLANET X! The planets align. Flat Earth map. Earth has plasma shield. Attempt to destroy Van Allen belts. High altitude H bomb wars Starfish Prime. Charlie Hebdo's cryptic clue British Intell did it. Aylan Kurdi ass groper cartoon. Je suis Charlie. The Kurdi Psyop. Greece seizes Turkish ISIS weapons. RAPEFUGEES! Migrant crimes 185,000. Thanks for the hospitality. Austria calls in the army. Missouri floods KARMA? Obama army OREGON? Eric Holder armed resister at Columbia U. Martin Dempsey brought Russia into the Syrian war. Turks enter Syria, supporting ISIL. Grand Mufti says ISIS Israel. Major media mantra for administration LIES! GITMO terror training central. Burkina Faso terror. Canadian victims. Jakarta terrorist Manchurian muffin. They killed Qaddafi for gold. Medical test mayhem kills. Canadian military your on line monitor. Windows 10 the BIG BROTHER nightmare. Your phone spy. Quebec gun registry feeling some heat. Blowing Bubbles on Conspiracy Cafe.

Davos 2016: eight key themes for the World Economic Forum

NOTE: Cover you eggs with mineral oil for long term storage. I missed that one.


As George says the world moves at the speed of the predator. If you haven't made your financial lifeboat, you are going into the cold, icy water. Conspiracy Cafe has done everything possible to warn you of the dangers and expose the perpetrators. Ignorance may be bliss, but like I explained to a few of the faithful recently, if you wait until you are expelled from the predator's ass for proof, you waited a wee bit too long. You must escape at the mouth before you even realize you've been caught by the jaws. It is survival of the fittest. That is one of the prime laws of the universe.

I've chosen this image of the hyperbolic cone for a reason. The math is sound and it illustrates the point very simply. We are collapsing as an economy like the lower cone. We will come to a point of economic Armageddon. We cannot see the collapse because we are observing at the point. We won't see it until it gets to that point. Then it won't matter. However, as we pass the point, the hyperbolic cone expands opposite to the collapsing one. That is your lifeboat in precious metals if you've made one. Even a canoe or rubber raft will grow beyond exponential into a luxury yacht.

Many are looking for saviors to rescue the world from this event. You want to find one. Look in the mirror; you're it. There will be no surviving bank, aliens, or anything else. You will be forced into self reliance. Start getting ready now. I recommend you have at least a 30 day supply of everything you need. A 90 supply would be better under the circumstances. That includes cash too while the window exists where it might have value. As the old saying goes, "He who hesitates is lost." We have quite the Preparation page for ideas and suggestions. The Ministry page for deeper support. This will be the event of the ages as it unfolds. There are many claiming much on line. Be very leary of them. They are most likely paid disinformation agents of the NWO

The planets are about to align

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