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It's the 'holidays' as they're termed, but what are they? They are fabrications from the occult calendar. We practice them like religion because they were inserted into our religion. Can we break free from the mind control? It is so strongly entrenched. What was in the burned books? It is the anniversary of the tsunami. Was a portal opened? Senator Ben Sasse tells it like it is. We need restore points all around. Cybersecurity Act passed while we slept AGAIN! Taking points on Obama. Minority report reality. The Family secret society. Endangered Christians. The border plot. No name terror arrests. Christmas slaying in Edmonton. Paris guns. The Saudi New World Order. White House Treason. Syria peace plan. The Beethoven Google Doodle Illuminati 8's. The Christmas Google Doodle flat earth. Creating the mind control slave. Dirtbox flight over San Bernardino. Polish raid NATO. Secret Service Officer shot by police. Black gangs burn white girl to death. It's ain't news. Salon advocates end of white men. How liberal. Father holds hospital at gunpoint saves son. Thanks Dad. Karma storms hit the south. Was it the Bush doctrine? Truth Suppression. Russians drill nukes. Germany supports Turkey. Bio-terror 101. SARS in Ukraine? Leningrad radiation leak. Rocket's red glare Russian. French to enshrine POLICE STATE into Constitution. Qu'est que c'est? Home prices hit wall in London. Santa rally ne riens. Rent plateau. Natural gas falls. Mexico's ICA reneges on debt. The new inflation. The rate hike. Obama almost doubles debt. New Years terror buzz. 58 Facts. Cashless society. What do you do if they turn out the lights? Bailins for 2016. Mind your nest egg. Chinese banks under the gun. Canadian Rangers dying in droves. On Conspiracy Cafe we give you the THE BIG PICTURE!

2004 tsunami

Phoenix portal

Pickering II (right) was armed when he went to the hospital where his son George III (left) was being treated

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

Posted by George Freund on December 31, 2015 at 8:14 PM 2037 Views