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The B.K.S. Iyengar Google Doodle. COP-21 recipe for global police state. Mega asteroid coming for Christmas. Mystery orbs sighted across the globe. Deep drilling Indian Ocean plate risks mega quake. Elf of the Shelf surveillance device. Putin reinforces Ukraine. Russia to conduct 4,000 military exercises in 2016. Sunnistan American foreign policy. ISIS routes. Russia Turkish pipeline stalled. ISIS oil interests owned by Murdoch, Cheney and Rothschild. You don't say. Russia fires on Turkish vessel. Turkey out of patience. Russia flies Open Skies mission. China Russia build military TERMINATORS. U.S. says Assad can stay. French sink carrier task group in exercise. Chinese sink carrier task force in simulated attack. Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood. San Bernardino Photoshop. The eyes have it. ISIS Christian killing machine. ISIS threatens Canada. Swiss on guard. French raid mosques seize weapons. The United States of Islam. Administration has hands off list of Islamic radicals. NATO training, equipping jihadists. ISIS uses British government IP addresses. Canada's jihadi cancer. Elites bail out of mystery school. Baba Vanga prediction The Great Islamic War. Police APC's. Explosive dollar to bring down the world. Argentine debt morass. Spanish banks face Waterloo. Chinese steel implodes. Textbook financial crisis. Commodity crash deflationary spiral. Oil tankers turn around and come home. The Canadian dollar debacle. Canada's real estate conundrum. Saudi's destroy oil market. Week of Reckoning. Junk bond meltdown. EU dystopian nightmare. Riders on the Storm on Conspiracy Cafe.

Stock images of Farooq were used which were then manipulated. It is, regardless, a fairly good job by the PhotoShop mole with the exception of the obvious cut lines about the dark scalp hairline and also th done under the left eye. Those are definite cut lines, true anomalies, about the scalp.

Have you ever seen eyes like that before?

Posted by George Freund on December 18, 2015 at 8:36 AM 1915 Views