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The army of the anti-Christ is assembled and on the move. I call them ISIS. Why is the army of a fundamentalist Islamic sect named after the goddess of light? Shouldn't that be a major apostasy? They are threatening the total Earth. They are infiltrating all the nations. The mind control has painted a picture of innocence. Minds are being massaged to accept universal consciousness. What is that - connection to a quantum computer controlling the future cyborg? I believe we are witnessing the takeover of our Earth Eden by nefarious forces that may even be masquerading as angelic beings. They are looking for susceptible hosts. Don't be one. The master of the light beings is Satan himself. He is the opposite of the tree of life of our Earth Eden. They seduce you with certain buzzwords like frequency, peace and love and light; but as the master of lies; they're deceiving people. Be on your guard for buzzwords. That's the sign of a psychological operation. They base their deceit on a rejection of the Earth Eden God created for us. They tell us we are a rock hurtling through space. However, the math and science does not jive with what we can see with our own eyes and feel with our own senses. We aren't moving anywhere as they say. That would also mean the ET's are a creation as well. However, as explained in this video dark forces are looking for willing human hosts to enter our bio-dome. Many are opening their souls to the plan. Secure yours while you can. Prevent the invasion of Earth Eden. Do not doubt the creation or God. RESIST the dark forces at every turn.


The NWO is off to a blazing start. There has been a mass shooting event in San Bernadino, California. A devout Muslim couple enter the killing field at a staff party. Fortunately the police were engaging in a drill nearby and could slay the method actors on the spot. What did John see as 666? The internal war by a fundamentalist insider. The Lucy Maud Montgomery Google Doodle more writing on the wall. Saint Kosmas saw the war between Russia and Turkey. Sibel Edmonds does too. Merkel a conversion or daughter of Adolf. Edgar Cayce's war stopped by Russia. The blockade. Over easy. Radicals desire Crimean blockade. Russia sends 7,000 combat ready troops to Turkish border 150,000 to Syria. Sanctions. Sealing the Syrian border. The proxy war around Crimea. U.S. declares broader support to Ukraine. Turkey warns citizens. Russia's clain in shootdown. Act of war. Science says. Turkey uses conflict as debt collapse cover. The invisible hand. Obama' loyalty. How ISIS is used to consolidate power. Tracking ISIS to D.C. British bombing. U.S. doesn't bomb ISIS to save the environment. Warns ISIS to escape prior to bombing. Escorts ISIS convoys to Iraq. Bilal Erdogan ISIS oil Czar. The Russian connection. Turkey sends shotguns to Belgium for the slaying season. Australian terrorist a ringleader. WHY? How about terror U. Morocco busts ISIS triad. The 1999 collapse redux. U.S. dollar dynamics. WalMart put the squeeze on suppliers. The Saudi de-peg. Debt Market storm brews. Money moves in Argentina. Corporate time bomb set. BlackRock gains Brussels. Spain faces domino. Soros selling banks buying gold. Gates sued in India. Snowden sounds alarm. Your SMART phone is BIG BROTHER! Li-Fi. Private air force. COP 21. Pre-Crime laws used to silence dissent. Maurice Strong environmental Nazi dies. Irwin Schiff tax martyr dies in prison blind shackled to hospital bed. On Conspiracy Cafe They've Got The Whole World In Their Hands.

Posted by George Freund on December 4, 2015 at 8:21 AM 2443 Views