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It was an interesting morning. The shadow government declared war on the Russian Federation. President Putin did not respond to the sucker punch as expected. However, it stands as an object lesson that conflict is inevitable. We post Star Trek's Day of the Dove. There are alien entities that thrive on inducing conflict. A scientist explains the infestation of nanobots from the chem trails. You are being assimilated. It is the classic good cop bad cop strategy. ISIS is the bad cop. The ET cults are the good cops. They seduce you to accept the assimilation while the bad cop slaughters the hesitant. Will the human race awaken to the threat before it is too late? The aliens thrive in a radioactive environment. That's why they need World War III.

Inspector Clouseau Sûreté. I'm sorry we don't take calls from Turkey.

Paris terror and the cryptic warnings. Bio-chemical suits stolen from French hospital. The next stage is a WMD attack. It was based on the predictive programming film Secrets of State. There was a death cluster back in the day around a man who worked on the film. They included Heath Ledger and Lucy Gordon. The Lucy Google Doodle confirms her as the 'missing link.' The victims on the short list. The crime attorney. U.S. intelligence identified half the terrorists months before the event. Turkey warned the French several times with specific details of the perps. Clinton confident killed in Mali attack. Planted passport. The Paris false flag strategy. The main question. Is the Earth being taken over by an extraterrestrial force? German stadium threat. James Bond's latest film predictive programming includes SMART BLOOD!

Quick. There's terror you fool. You let them get away.

Anonymous reports ISIS targets. Belgium on lockdown. The Saint Denis crime scene. Abaaoud reported killed. Canada's refugee plan. Honduras arrests five. Brits drill on the high seas. Kuwait arrests ISIS arms supplier. They're supplied by Ukraine. Ukraine has no fear of ISIS. Twenty year old Jewish man arrested as jihadist net bot. Power lines knocked out. in Crimea. Power shortages. Proxies readied for offensive. Chief MH17 prosecutor shot. Japanese consider South China Sea cruise. The post anti-biotic era. Alternative medicine doctor dies on Hawaiian vacation. Meditation guru for Congress. Roman church financing migrant invasion. Shipping record low. India lures private gold. House passes audit the Fed bill. Credit Default Swap quake. Grand Europa not so grand. Das Capital destroyed. Negative interest and trillion dollar bail ins. On Conspiracy Cafe the knights of the round table close in for the kill.

Posted by George Freund on November 25, 2015 at 9:05 AM 2211 Views