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War breaks out between extremists and France in gay Paris. However, it is nothing more than a return to the control mechanism for a society. It is the strategy of tension. From anarchists to communists to ISIS we have been the victims of the hidden hand. The best ruling model includes an enemy to tame and master. The attack. Base camp destroyed by fire. Bataclan. PSYOP. L'exercise Pratique. Intelligence chiefs meet. Paving the road to Syria. Green meanies? The reasons NOT why. Decrees and warnings. Was it murder? The Trojan Horse Plan. 10,000 refugees land in New Orleans. The armory theft prelude to terror. Intelligence failures. The Economist's cryptic warning. Cut the Illuminati card deck Paris the 13th. Made in France the movie. Tweets enter cyberspace 48 hours before the attack. France funded rebels. The Saint Denis Raid REVELATIONS a film school, a warning and Teflon terrorists. Terror girl outed in four false flags. Germany to force homeowners to house terrorists and work for their keep. France deploys carrier. U.S. French bombing. Russia to aide French Navy. Russia tests submarine launched ICBM's. Russia launches missile strike. Putin signs defense decree. Russians test Topol missile reveal new nuclear torpedo. Canadian boots on the ground. Russian airstrikes. The Schweppes bomb. The 'official' story is approved by all. At what cost? China tests anti-satellite missile. Train crash kills in France. Heat is still ON in UKRAINE. Investors hit Canada. The bloodletting. The Yuan storm. Oil glut worsens. The harbinger. Crushing poverty in America. The FBI's Superbowl drill. On Conspiracy Cafe we'll always have Paris.

Here's looking at you kid. The Economist's cryptic warning. 


Know when to hold them.

Change the channel before they get YOU!

Posted by George Freund on November 20, 2015 at 8:44 AM 2447 Views