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You probably never gave it much thought. The world is controlled by the algorithm. It dictates the ebb and flow of the markets. It decides the role of the battlefield. It picks the winners in our elections. However, it can be manipulated. In the recent Canadian election it reported the winners before the ballot boxes were opened. Returning officers cried FOUL! Were the algorithms adjusted to give the liberal party a majority government? I'd bet on it.

U.S. boots on the ground to deliver and secure for use shoulder fired surface to air missiles. This will escalate the Syrian crisis to full scale war scenario after a few Russian planes are shot down. Pray the recent Russian passenger jet crash was an accident. If it wasn't, the gloves will come off quick.

Putin speaks at the Valdai Club Conference. The West is terrorism. It is DOPE INC. Congress must pledge allegiance to it. Swiss jet buzzes Russian delegation. Trident Juncture WWIII. Russian drills Crimea. Dr. Strangelove overflies Canada. Ukraine still HOT! MSF banned, bombed. Russian airstrikes. Edgar Cayce's warnings. U.S. puts boots on the ground. They'll carry the MANPADS to shoot down Russian planes. Israeli General captured with ISIS. USS Lassen challenges Chinese. Ambassador summoned. US scrambles jets off Korea against Russians. Iranian Navy prepares for sea cruise. GCHQ says SOON! Talks on Syria. Earthquake Afghanistan. Economist cover warning 11/3 11/5 BROKEN ARROW! Was Hurricane Patricia faked? Under the sea CABLES. Justinian I Obama's made man. U.S. history at Canadian regime change. Bill C-51 repeal my ass. Trudeau and the terror mosque. Under surveillance. The Obama call. You're mine now. Non partisan epicenter of terror. Trojan Horse refugee plan to house jihadists at military bases. Austrians clean out gun stores. And the bombs keep on falling. CERN to open the door. Openstack. The caves. Law of known physics on the table. Yellowstone crack. Maldives arrest. Monsanto cries foul. School boy shot by MP. No media circus. Srebrenica witness killed. Blimp knocks out grid. Trump looks good

ISIS claims responsibility for Russian jet crash

This will be a Pearl Harbor moment for the Russians. It is a worst case scenario. Once the facts are verified, you may expect a full scale assault on ISIS from the Russians. The use of tactical nuclear weapons should not be ruled out. Remember The Economist magazine cover code with the broken arrows code for a 'lost' nuclear weapon. November 3rd and 5th may well be days of infamy.

Posted by George Freund on October 31, 2015 at 12:09 PM 2662 Views