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The battles in Syria involve the major powers fighting World War III by proxy. We probably don't have too long to wait before the proxies fall away and the real war gets going to fulfill Biblical prophecy. The global economic collapse is still a slow motion event. However, once the cliff edge is crossed, the concept of free fall will be well understood. It appears the NEW WORLD ORDER has decided upon Islam as the social control factor of the police state. Adherents will be the mechanism of that control akin to a religious police. That modifies the masses while the hard cases get the ISIS treatment as the example to all.

Crusaders mount your steeds for the PROXY WAR on Conspiracy Cafe.

NATO reacts to Russian incursion. Boots on the Biblical Syrian ground. U.S. moves rebel training center to Turkey. Russian missiles crash in Iran. Were they jammed? Russian Electronic Warfare. Israel's Suter system. The best Toyota commercial on the planet ISIS. Brought to you by the U.S. of A. Saudi's give high tech missiles to terrorists. Brzezinski war hawk. Former DIA chief ISIS ours. U.S. Russian combat analysis. The propaganda script on Syria. EMP the ultimate weapon. Iran tests long range missile. Russian Embassy struck. Ankara terror. HOME GROWN. Bugging out analysis. The Stanford Experiment. We assume our roles East versus West, Prepper versus looter, Globalist versus Constitutionalist, Christian versus pagan. Flight MH17 report released. What if it was all faked? They could make you believe it just like everything else.

Stock market crashes a perspective. The coming meltdown. IMF Citibank BIS warnings. Unemployment. Argentina courts China. How they loot the markets. Trade pact follies. Trade pact spying ON YOU! Iceland ponies up. Shipping sinking. Euro slide. The last time. The Shemitah event was covered. More trillions down the hole. There is no cure. Monsanto deadly. Asteroid cover ups. Obama GO HOME! Spencer Stone stabbed. Sharia compliance for Playboy and internet? Perhaps now he'll have scars. Hollistic MD slain. Political Correctness a MIND CONTROL SCHEME! You don't say. 1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification.”

MH17 disappeared off Flight Tracker radar as it crossed the Polish border. The original material has disappeared from the net. The video this came from has been altered. just over the border where the plane disappeared the line turns a deeper blue. It is being drawn in at that point. As you follow it you see where the line skips making zig zags. It has been faked. The only reason you'd have to alter the evidence is to cover up the crime.

Posted by George Freund on October 14, 2015 at 9:39 AM 2457 Views