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It's getting to look a lot like Shemitah. Markets rattle, commodities fall there's depression in the wind. Was MH370 found or was the 'evidence' planted? Bin Laden's killed in crash at Blackbushe at 3:09. Sounds suspicious. NATO's chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear drill ends in Canada. Reserves commence cross country drill this week. Canadian and U.S. generals meet. New secret communications system on line. Russia embeds airborne assault troops in Crimea. Orthodox nun and priest slain in Kiev. African swine flu crisis meeting. Land confiscation 21st century style. Apocalyptic drawings English style. Pastor Lindsey Williams dire warning. 11 red flag events. Credit card debt American style. City of London corruption capital. Canada's housing bubble. The peso crisis. Instead of paper dollars why not gold? South American financial crisis. Barclays rigged financial markets. Lawsuits. Cyber attack takes down RBS. RBS losses. Fraud cops investigate. The American dream withers. Tragic death London financial district. Dead men tell no tales. Rainman sentenced for rigging LIBOR. Bank fraudster's suspicious crash. Tunisian assassin known to authorities. Courts overrule police state. British blogger convicted. The mysterious death of Gabriele Kabrins. Prime Minister Heath pedophile. UN uses Russian airline firm that molested and tortured youth. Kurt Cobain's crime scene litigation. San Salvador gang war. Lawsuit over good cop suicide. Buenos Aires fireball. UFO tag on jetliner.

Suicide? A box of shotgun shells lie next to Kurt Cobain's foot in a picture released 20 years after his death. Richard Lee now wants all the scene photos to be released

The bright green fireball with an orange trail was filmed soaring through the sky over Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mystery sighting: A plane enthusiast captured the moment this object flew over a Virgin Atlantic plane

The aircraft tried and failed to land on the main runway at Blackbushe and instead ploughed into the car park

Are cryptic clues of a NWO hit encoded in the event?

London's burning: An artist re-creation of the city in a post-apocalyptic world where the river Thames has run dry and the Shard is on fire

Are these series of images your future as events unfold?

Posted by George Freund on August 5, 2015 at 8:28 AM 2733 Views