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Hail to Baphomet. Detroit unveils the graven image. Microchip implant patented. Human trials approved. It's all brain control. Windows Cortana your personal cyber servant or slave master. Hero attorney passes. Climate scientist death cluster. Alternative medical doctor with cancer cure found dead. Government seizes cure. Dead marine pawned off in false flag shooting. Back up shooting in Louisiana. Distressed investing. Trouble over Spanish split. Puerto Rico sinks. New ECB rules to damage small banks. Leveraged loan bomb. No growth investments the rage. Bank of Canada warns. TD bank prepared. The Global Taxman the mark of the beast. 12 signs. Container rates plummet. The FEAR factor. The Chinese markets and the Fibonacci retracement. Electricity use wanes in China. Copper the canary in the coal mine. CAPITAL FLIGHT THE CHINESE MARKET CATALYST! Global markets. The start of the correction. Police state market protection. Bond market casualties. S-300 missiles to Ukraine border. Troops to mass. Russian bombers to Crimea a short trip to roast Turkey. Tank movements. Missile mayhem in Russian ship. Ukrainians used in election ploy in Canada. Killing Ukrainians good for votes. The Maidan massacre agents provocateur. Russian drills in Arctic. Northern Fleet. Fear of Canadian Snowden. RCMP kill Anonymous hacker. Don't worry we have $235 million budgeted to protect our secrets. Anonymous leaks soft core not hard. The great crisis game. Cameron ready for Syria. Operation Temperer troops for London. Saudi bombing. Iran's Obama threat. Turkey bombs Syria. Turkey summons NATO. The post 'war' plan? EC net repression. Saudi royals take French beach. Project Lucifer two suns in the sky. Fukushima and the death of the Pacific. Saif Gaddafi convicted. Tour de France gunfire. Nepal post quake need. McCain's record crash and burn. Obama's secret meetings with Jon Stewart. Broken wing found on Reunion Island. Was it MH370 or a plant? What if the Bubble Bursts on Conspiracy Cafe?

TEN UFOs are spotted ‘dancing’ in the skies above Japan sparking mystery

Searchers find missing Russian helicopter pilot

Iranian Supreme Leader tweets picture of Barack Obama committing suicide as he continues to blast West despite nuclear deal

Posted by George Freund on July 31, 2015 at 11:03 AM 2219 Views