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There's an election on the horizon in the United States. Both major parties can control the software on the voting machines. We stoop to the age old practice of psychological warfare. We can influence agendas. We can manufacture what you think. We can make you come begging. Enter the new rising star Dylann Storm Roof. Exit the falling star James Horner in a typical solstice sacrifice. Did he know that Dylann Storm was John Christian Graas child actor and Marine Captain? It was an assassination. Rev. Pinckney wasn't part of the Bible study. Neither was Dylann. He was waiting in the wings. Was it all real of a staged event? The twilight language said production. The chemical assassin was the rage. The manifesto. The issues past. The destruction of the conservative vote. A Greek reprieve. Banks runs. Grexit. Economic straitjacket. UK debt uncontrollable. How to rob a bank? Buy it. The 'truth' about Bin Laden's death. For a good time call Osama Bin Laden 9/11 coded in his phone number. No death certificate. ISIS cage of death screams FAKE! Airstrikes miss. Billions to Iraq. Saudi's nuclear threat. Yanukovych ouster unconstitutional. Nuclear missiles for Britain, Europe. Deployments. Ukainian commander arrested. Neo Nazi aid. Trident Joust in Romania. MASH training Fort McCoy. Talisman Sabre in Australia. U.S. China relations. Fukushima leak. Earth extinction phase. Close down BBC. Vehicular terrorism Graz, Austria. Yorkshire ripper cover up. SMARTTRACK mark of the beast transit. No sanctions for Bombardier Russian. Belgium seizes Yukos. Harper forces Arctic study redraft. RCMP extremist and TIDES. Korean end of the world prophecy fulfilled? Chuck flies Airbus in climate rage. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Psychological Operations.


Speaking in the NBC interview, Pinckney's cousin said Roof had specifically asked for the reverend before sitting beside him throughout the meeting.

The Reverend Norvel Goff, a presiding elder for the African Methodist Episcopal Church, told the Washington Post that the suspect 'walked in, from my understanding, not so much as a participant, but as a brief observer who then stood up and then started shooting'.

The drugs have worn off or the actor drops his role?


Remember since we live in a rapidly rising Orwellian State, two plus two is whatever BIG BROTHER says it is. This crime scene photo wasn't widely shown. Trayvon was a football player. He was involved in acts of violence recently. Some of the things he bought at the store are commonly used with drugs. Two men may have pushed the limits to fight. One had a gun. The media generally showed a picture of a much younger Martin. That was manipulation. The Southern Poverty Law Center was mentioned in my show attending Monash University in Australia's Terrorism Center with the FBI and the Chechen government in 2009. Were they arranging Chechen terrorism or preventing it. They are definitely BIG BROTHER'S primary institution of a dubious nature. They create newspeak.


American Idol Crisis Actor or the real deal from tears to false flage fears.

As You Like It William Shakespeare

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

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