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It's the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo. In a manipulation of news The House of Rothschild returned a messenger to London with news of defeat. The markets crashed. Fortunes were lost in the panic. The Rothschild's bought heavily. The dynasty was made. The truth arrived later of VICTORY. Nothing has changed. We act and react to false news while the elites profit. It is a formula that has stood the test of time. Wellington's and Napoleon's descendants London traders. Magna Carta has an 800th anniversary. Glum royals attend. Do you know your right of ESTATE? Have they decided to cull the heard? Another mass shooting. Another Manchurian. Cui bono? Clinton's right hand man attends Bilderberg. Has the election been decided? Dallas shooting mayhem. Central banking legacy. The Pacific sea turns red. Mainstream turns its head. Lake Toba supervolcano starts to speak. Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indian terror arrests. Yellen shakes the markets. TTIP rattles Europeans. Foreign workers take jobs. Pension plan cuts. Bail in legislation for all Europe. Scottish bankers won't divulge. Ontario minimum wage utopia. Texas repatriates their gold. Hospital corporations legalized larceny. American Pharaoh. IMF walks out on Greece. Entrenched positions. Illegal, Illegitimate, Odious. Lagarde warns no mercy. Anybody ever heard of a transfer payment? The wall returns. Ukrainians want peace. Heavy weapons placed. The brink of war. NATO boosts defense. Near miss in the air. Russia's 'plans.' Defense Ministry hacked. The official pedophile to the Queen. House speaker and child molester. U.S. military hacked. TCB drone style. RCMP terror arrest. Gaza bombing error. Aid fiasco. FIFA murder most foul. Air pollution kills millions. Vacation child snatch. Obama trashes gun speech. You are an antenna. Is there a portal to God? BBC device powered by thought. One good cop. On Conspiracy Cafe It's Waterloo.

Posted by George Freund on June 19, 2015 at 8:38 AM 1712 Views