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Catch the Valhalla Express on Conspiracy Café 2009-02f-25

The next segment of the Flight 3407 saga from February 25, 2009. Many silenced with one crash.


Reading the tea leaves on the Grand Chessboard 2009 02f 18

As the classic band Nazareth sang, "Should not have got on this Flight tonight." The victims of flight 3407 entail the Lebanon Militia, banksters, AIG affiliates, the military industrial complex, and an Air Force load master who received General (missing nukes) Moseley and Senator Clinton at his Air Base. The Northrop Grumman company was victim of a second, similar crash with its medical research affiliate Hauptman Woodward. Can you handle the truth? The trail ends at the Saudi Bin Laden Group. Maybe you should not have been on this flight tonight - the NWO's Valhalla Express.

FRONTLINE: The Soldier's Heart

NAZARETH: This Flight Tonight

Buffalo Crash Investigator once held Nuclear Codes

John J. Fiore, Marine and Air Force veteran

M/Sgt. Fiore wrote a column in the local Wing paper. General Moseley and Senator Clinton were feature items. Gen Moseley resigned after the nuclear weapons incident. M/Sgt. Fiore's column was about the neglect of rules and regulations. It seems he was a stickler for that. One must wonder how far up the chain that went.

Plane crash kills Buffalo executive, wife

Couple Lost In Tallahassee SR22 Downing

Donald A. Hess died in November - ONLY the FOUNDER of Northrop Grumman's Amherst Systems - the SAME company that employed the four dead executives in Thursday's crash, and a local conservative leader, yet:

"Jerome Krasuski, 53, was returning home to Cheektowaga with three other colleagues from Northrop Grumman from a one-day business trip. The former North Tonawanda resident worked as a program manager for the Williamsville defense contractor for more than 20 years. Krasuski's three Northrop Grumman colleagues also died in the crash."

Prominent Buffalo-area residents among 49 killed in fiery plane crash

George Abu Karam

Abu Karam, of Tiberias, Israel, had been a member of the South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-backed Lebanese militia. He was flying to Buffalo to visit his cousin.

A Parmalat Scandal Connection to the Flight 3407 Crash

New York Judge Puts Possible Bulls-eye on Deloitte Touche

More on the Parmalat Fiasco

Flight 3407 and Middle Eastern Banking, Oil and Parapolitical Terrorism, LLC-CIA

NY State Police Conduct Illegal, Frantic Search for Video of Flight 3407 Crash Response, Illegally Confiscate the Camera and Delete Sections of Tape

ONE MARTYR DOWN: The Untold Story Of A Canadian Peacekeeper Killed At War

British scientists to venture into unknown beneath Antarctic glaciers

Flow under ice shelves

NASA Satellite Crashes Back to Earth

Weird New Fish Discovered off Antarctica

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