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NASA astronaut has slip of the lip space interview filmed on terra firma U.S. Roswell aliens child mummies. UFO's filmed in Australia and Aukland. Apollo 15 photos a fake. NASA to explore wormholes. The Missouri anomily. British election a fraud? The Nellie Bly Google doodle 72 days to Jade Helm. Nepal rocked by another quake. Experts gathered a week before the main event. Hmmm? CIA agent jailed over Iran release. Former CIA man says Al Qaeda to shoot down plane. Kerry meets Putin. North Korea tests submarine launched missile. Chile's volcano blows some more. Seymour Hersh confirms Bin Laden raid a pack of lies. Zimmerman shot. Greece on the skids. Liquidity crisis. Bond bubble set to burst. Bond charts sign of collapse. JP Morgan goes into silver. Stores closing BIG TIME! The lie bubble HOPE. No pensions for Mao's movie men. Bitcoin collapse possible. Captain Kidd's treasure found. Iran navy news. Maersk Tigris released. NATO drilling. U.S. bases on alert. Russia to run another convoy. Canada's parliament goes on the warpath. Ukraine's darling NAZI girl. What are we fighting for? Russian soldiers forced to fight. Candyman Poroshenko loses billionaire status. Russian general's analysis of WW3 red lines. Missile shield designed for RETALIATORY STRIKE! The ultimate prepper paradise. KLA battles Macedonia. Garland shooter FBI asset. Baltimore mayor ordered stand down. Playing terrorists. Swiss mass shooting. Sarkozy wiretaps evidence. PM Harper gets $57 billion in slush fund. California passes vaccination bill. Chopper crash in Pakistan kills diplomats. Bird flu kills 25 million chickens and turkeys. Knights Templar Police? On Conspiracy Cafe we Enter the Void.

Villarrica Volcano at night

Nepal's second major quake

Aukland New Zealand orbs in the sky

Missouri space anomily

Iran nothing North Korea develops delivery vehicle


Posted by George Freund on May 13, 2015 at 6:23 AM 2394 Views