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12 Gauge Coach Gun ( Rossi Overland Double Barrel )

The Overland was manufactured between 1978 to 1994 by Rossi and imported by Amadeo. Imported By Braztech. It was manufactured in a variety of gauges including .410 Bore (Approximately 67-68GA), 12GA, 20GA.

The Rossi Overland was a very popular shotgun among Cowboy Action Shooters. Its' economical price and classical exposed hammer styling made it popular in using as a vintage shotgun.


Rossi Overland Calibers: .410 Bore (67 or 68GA), 12GA, 20GA Length: Barrel Length: 20.00 inches, 28.00 inches,

Posted by George Freund on May 10, 2015 at 6:26 PM 5913 Views