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We've heard a lot about the Germanwings crash. We've heard little of the truth. Perhaps they can't handle it, but we can. Most of what has become the 'official' story is close to 100 per cent fiction. The plane was in all probability shot down by the two NATO fighter jets first reported escorting the plane. Witnesses reported an explosion like DYNAMITE in the sky. The debris field is spread out over one square mile. That tells you something you can see with your own eyes. The plane didn't crash intact. It fell in pieces. Therefore the story of the pilot purposely crashing the plane is WRONG! If he did direct the aircraft into the ground, there would be an impact crater. It would be very large too. The jet fuel would have exploded. There would have been a massive fireball. Since that didn't happen, that means the fuel dispersed in the air and evaporated which jet fuel does. The small fires were the pockets that made it to the ground. Logic is your tool. We have not been well trained to use reasonable deduction. We let others do our thinking for us and parrot the answers. However, we are not parrots. As my grandfather taught me from childhood, THINK FOR YOURSELF. DON'T LET OTHER PEOPLE DO YOUR THINKING FOR YOU. That is a societal problem to be sure.

Using logic the lie is easily observed. They said the Captain tried to break down the door with the axe. Guess where the axe is stored? It is stored in the cockpit. The narrative is a fabrication. After they were caught they changed the narrative to a crowbar. They don't even allow nail clippers in the post 9/11 world. There's no crowbar. They're making it up. I feel very troubled that many alternative media shows are touting the party line. The latest is Andreas converted to Islam. Rumors spread fast. If you followed the Ascension series, they reveal much as to how far the 'company' will go to suppress the truth. There will be no more Snowdons was the line. Snowdon was the first word God put in my mind upon first hearing about the crash. I told the person in front of me I'll see a link in the casualty list. She was Yvonne Selke of Booz Allen Hamiltion. They took her out. The mysterious third American carried a cryptic message on the T shirt he was wearing. It said Giessen, a town in Germany 90 kilometers from the co-pilot's home, is NOT THE SAME. There's a concealed message there. Andreas Lubitz was not the same. The story is manufactured. He has been FRAMED!

Lights out in Turkey. Emmy Noether Google Doodle. Thirteen Days line they way a war Jack. Germanwings technical faults. First reports pilots chatting, a nosedive, fighter jets and explosion. The character assassination of Andreas Lubitz. Black boxes were reported destroyed. Silence and breathing equate murder. Psychiatric meds and nightmares a sign of mind control. Cabin door story axed. The third American and the cryptic clue. Kurdish team skips flight. Were they warned? CIA drone master relieved. Hollywood made the movie last year. Was Andreas Lubitz framed? The battle for The Ukraine. End of world drills. Spain passes terror laws. Jade Helm 15 drill and Russia's arming of insurgents. New recruits for AIIB. Saudis bomb Yemen. Arab League for war. The ISIS crisis actor. Microchips for 2017. Bill to abolish The Patriot Act. Reporter's body found. British child sex ring climbing to the top. Disney security chief poisoned. Grimm sleeper killer a contract agent going freelance? Trans Pacific Partnership, The killer and the bank governor. Bank of Canada suit. Jesse Jackson Jr. out of jail. Hillary Clinton sued. War crimes from the past. Garlic and onion cure for MRSA. Russia's flying house. On Conspiracy Cafe we explore PILOT ERROR.

Posted by George Freund on April 1, 2015 at 5:21 AM 2410 Views