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Donetsk explosion lights up the sky. Was it a tactical nuclear weapon? Chernobyl forest fire releases nuclear isotopes. Is it a cover story? The Laura Ingalls Wilder Google Doodle. Russian bombers skirt the UK. Are we living in a hologram? Quantum time experiments suggest mirror universe and the possibility the past can be altered. Putin warns the west. The media blitz on Putin. Ukrainian dialogue. The leaked Nuland calls. Canada signs defense agreement with France. Is it another nuclear umbrella? Last chance for peace. Hollande says diplomacy cannot go on forever. Gorbachev warns of HOT WAR! Russians get Cyprus base. Yalta peace conference redux. Russia demands war reparations from Germany. So does Greece and they're cool on sanctions. Greek Euro exit planned. The MATRIX lies. HSBC tax scandal. Everyone's doing it except Joe Taxpayer. ISIS Queen in video. Is it another intelligence operation? JP Morgan bankers killed in crash with biochemical computer expert. Gunman shoot up Marseilles. China warns U.S. about missiles. Sex crime cop dies in traffic mishap. The Oktoberfest bombing examined. Samsung makes Orwell's telescreen. Are you listening? The MICRONATIONS. USS John C. Stennis transits a rainbow in the Pacific. Is it an omen? On Conspiracy Cafe we're ON THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION!

Chemical plant explosion Donetsk

President Baugh claims Molossia is a sovereign, independent state, completely surrounded by the USA

Every summer, the Kingdom of Elleore bursts into life as visitors descend on the island to party and play games. Here, members of the Kingdom band The Butterflies pose for photographer Leó Delafontaine

The USS John C. Stennis sails through a rainbow hanging over the Pacific Ocean



Our leaders say WAR is good for us. I think we know what happens THE DAY AFTER!

The twilight language of the length of this show leads to Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments. If we don't bear false witness, we can find peace. If we refuse to kill, we won't have war. It's all a matter of choice. We also shouldn't exploit The Ukraine to steal its resources. Imagine that. Live by the COMMANDMENTS and LIVE to see another day.

Posted by George Freund on February 12, 2015 at 10:01 AM 2804 Views