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Basic Casting Part 2

Educational Zone #102 – Casting Lead Bullets – pt. 1

I then open the mold, but the bullets often will adhere to one side of the mold.

You just tap the hinge with the hammer and the bullet will fall free.

Close the mold and fill it again, and you are on your way.

When you first start casting the first couple of bullets will need to heat up the mold.

Here is the first bullet between two others.

You can see that the base of the bullet did not fill completely.

I just added it back to the pot.

I always place a towel over the holding pot to catch the bullets.

They are “soft” as they come out of the mold, and dropping them on a hard surface can dent them.

After a few seconds, you can dump them into the holding pot.

When casting big bullets like these 510 grain bullets, you will use lead pretty quickly.

As the level in the melting pot drops, I just add a piece of lead,

…stir it really well, 

and then flux the mixture again.

Stir it to mix it well.

Then I scrape off the dross and I am ready to go again.

Keep at this for a while and before you know it, you have a pot full of bullets.

Conclusion: In part two, we talk about sizing, lubricating, and reloading these bullets.

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