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Basic Casting Part 1

Educational Zone #102 Casting Lead Bullets pt. 1

I plug in the melting pot and let it get hot.

I also have found that if I place the mold on top of the pot, it will also get hot and allow casting good bullets much quicker.

It takes a while for the lead in the pot to melt.

I always put it up full of lead to prevent the inside of the pot from rusting.

As it starts to get hot, the lead will bubble up on the side first.

When it is fully melted, I take a screwdriver full of Marvelux and put in on the lead.

Then I use a long spoon to stir it into the lead.

This will cause the dross to float to the top where I can remove it.

We are now ready to start making bullets.

You place the bullet mold under the spout and lift the handle of the pot.

This will allow a small amount of lead to fill the mold.

It will leave a puddle of lead on top of the mold.

This puddle is called the sprue.

You can watch the sprue and as it becomes clouded and cools, this tells you when the bullet is solidified and ready to remove from the mold.

I then use a small hammer to knock the sprue cutter aside and cut off the sprue.

I catch the sprues in a pot to add back to the melting pot every now and then.


Posted by George Freund on January 2, 2015 at 8:30 AM 2088 Views