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Project Seal the tsunami bomb on the anniversary of the great Indian Ocean tsunami. The Star of Bethlehem. Mistranslation of Inn in the Jesus story destroys the manger. Ukrainian pilot reveals air to air missiles on SU-25 responsible for MH-17 crash. NATO's sin debt. NYPD killings and the karma wave. Mall protests. NYPD KILLS graffiti. Diplomatic Protection Group cops in porn scandal. Lone wolves attack in France. Bush released GITMO prisoner ISIS recruiter. Other prisoners released. ISIS and SAS killing foreign recruits. Drone attacks on Taliban. Former British rocker lures ISIS brides. Is she al MI6da? Kurds break Yazidi seige. The Al Canadi brothers better than Jake and Elroy. OZ cops bust 'terrorists' before beans spilled. Cairns child massacre another Prozac moment? Sony versus North Korea war games a publicity stunt. CIA coup Canadian style. First British police force drops CCTV. Congress supports medical marijuana. Indigo Skyfold chem-trail ops with self destruct feature on aircraft. Chinese counterfeit bi-metallic coins. Unemployment nears 10 per cent in France. Tunnel for Stonehenge. Letter to good cops rat on bad. Chinese support Ruble. Somebody's listening. The season's Google doodle. Pre-Constantine Christianity a novel idea. On Conspiracy Cafe it's SOLSTICE.

Posted by George Freund on December 28, 2014 at 1:03 AM 1862 Views