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October 22, 2014 another date in infamy. Ottawa the capital of Canada was assaulted by a mad man with a gun. A young soldier was shot to death at the Cenotaph, Parliament was assaulted, and the subject was shot to death. Of course all this happens the week the new total police state bill is tabled. Canada as we have known it as the evolution of parliamentary democracy will end as an Orwellian nightmare is proposed. Our nation will embrace Star Chamber proceedings not seen since THE INQUISITION. Can it have all been by design? Are we seeing the classic application of the strategy of tension? It was a common stratagem used in NATO'S secret armies. The 'terrorist' was denied a passport and crossed into the U.S. four times with a criminal record. His mother was a government bureaucrat. A new tell all book to be released about Stephen Harper falls off the radar. He goes from ZERO to HERO. It has all the HALLMARKS of an inside job. The Quebec execution of another Canadian soldier. The killer was on the WATCH LIST. His passport was seized. The RCMP interviewed him last October 9th. Witnesses report overhearing kill order on police radios. Was this a part of a greater plot gone awry? Toronto 18 terror mastermind reveals he's an RCMP CSIS asset on CBC. He's now the media darling. Dead soldier's regiment ordered into communications lock down. WHY? What do they know. The crime scene was cleansed. George's letter to parliament. Deported Nazis get social security. Canada contemplates RENMINBI exchange. Were we slated for regime change? Nobody leaves dollar dominance alive. Danes embrace jihadists. Kobane bombing. The drone report. Innocents killed. The market slide. What's responsible? Mystery market man. FED QE promise. Italy China deal. Bank profit surge. Total CEO killed in crash. Google exec murdered. Microsoft exec profits on women. The Hunt for Reds in October. Russian ship in trouble on B.C. coast. Ebola to get a BILLION Euros. Is it a SLUSH FUND? Obama golfs world burns. Ebola nations courted RENMINBI. Hmm? On Conspiracy Cafe it's ADIEU CANADA!

Canadian Parliamentarians Were Warned Days Ago About Threat

Ottawa shooting: B.C. MLAs were warned of possible security threat


The 'ACTION JACKSON' photo in the center looks staged. Are they shooting low flying geese? The action was on the ground. And why aren't the photographers in danger?

The war memorial shooting. Notice the blasé attitude of the people in the background. This was a LIVE SHOOTER EVENT with someone just shot. People are chatting, sipping their morning coffee and one guy is looking at his phone. The police have their backs turned to a potential threat. Their guns are still in the holster. They look bored. Let's be honest. If you were on the scene where numerous rounds were just fired and a man was just shot wouldn't you be kissing the ground? This photo has been cropped removing the woman in the green overcoat who approaches the victim. Who gets to approach an active crime scene? We have the other version in the video post.

In this photo mouth to mouth is being commenced. There is no blood. In massive trauma like a fatal gun shot, organs and blood vessels are ruptured. There is no bleeding from the mouth or ears. There is no blood on the ground. I've done massive trauma. You swim in blood. It's everywhere. He's pale, but when the heart stops you turn blue. 

Martin Rouleau Couture before his transition. Why wouldn't a man embracing radical Islam delete his kaffir account? Why would his radical extremist one be deleted before we can see the evidence?

Look Ma. I'm a poster boy for an aerial bombing campaign.

Radical Islamic extremist makes Masonic hand sign under the halo of the Sun God? Now that's ISIS.

HI MOM! I'm going slaying at Parliament. I'm a convicted felon. I got a gun and I GOT A PASS TO GET INTO PARLIAMENT! I get to go across the American border without a passport FOUR TIMES! 

CTV News reports that Zehaf-Bibeau's mother is Susan Bibeau, who works for the Immigration and Refuge Board of Canada

That's O.K. son we work for the government and covert action is their specialty

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