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Capstone placed in the Georgia Guidestones. 2014 we commence the population decline to the magic 500 million mark. Former military sniper rushes the White House. Was there a stand down order? Was Omar Gonzalez tapped to retire the President or just remind him who's BOSS! Secret Service pushes for CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE! Obama speaks at the UN on global threats. Liberia collapses under Ebola. CDC warns universities. Airlines warned about body fluids. Glaxo Smith Kline dumps live polio virus into Belgian water. The 'N' NUCLEAR word used in the Ukraine. U.S. renews nuclear arsenal. 500 million or BUST! Russia to shift from T Bills. The Petro Yuan. The FIAT versus GOLD WAR. MH17 lawsuit. Is Putin playing the field? Russian exercise VOSTOK 2014. Nuclear test launch. Fall Equinox Google Doodle. Congressional ISIS. We paid for what we're bombing. ISIL uses poison gas. Where's the outrage? Collateral damage. Google an NSA. Deep Web for whistle blowers a possible trap. NFL be damned. Cops number ONE! DEA shoots grandmother holding baby. Orange County Sheriff ridiculed by courts for using SWAT teams to check barber's licences. On Conspiracy Cafe the more things change the more they remain the same.

It has been a productive week. I'm sure you've heard Attorney General Eric Holder has taken the exit. I hope it was nothing I said. As miracles go I had a short cameo on The Power Hour one of America's better news and information shows. In the two special on the Sandy Hook Psy-Ops I added one of my previous works that included Operation Fast and Furious. If you give a gun to a felon, and he kills a cop; what does that make you? A cop killer. We put that back in the news as we reviewed the special funding from the White House to the house across the street from the Lanza's. You never know the power of the word. The 'funny' thing was as I resumed my journey that day I passed a road. What are the odds? I speak on international radio on Sandy Hook and the first sign I pass is Sandy Hook. Thank you God.

Posted by George Freund on September 26, 2014 at 8:52 AM 2426 Views