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The new arms race. Chinese lose hyper-sonic missile in the Gobi desert. Western propaganda matrix cries wolf again. Is the threat of their own creation? James Foley beheaded. Was it 'street' theater? SAS on the ground in Iraq. Key Ferguson witness tells the truth after autopsy results. Brown went after Wilson's gun. Internet KILL SWITCH used in Ferguson. It was a massive psy-ops and drill. The Third Amendment NO STANDING ARMIES. Are the new police that standing army? Prepping for civil unrest. Police lieutenant threatens to kill alternative media on camera. Habersham(e) County will not pay for tossing grenade in child's crib. Ukraine refugees attacked. Ukraine bans Russian TV. Aid CONVOY dashes across border. Russia bans GMO's. Will we fight for Monsanto? Roundup is a patented anti-biotic. No wonder the world's crisis is anti-biotic resistance. It destroys the gut and causes many diseases including cancer. Don't smoke; EAT! The enzyme that makes mass murderers, and you thought it was guns. Pressure against ICC investigation comes from our own killers. NSA and GCHQ leak to Tor Browser. LED's the future of the surveillance society. Over 1/3 in the U.S. on assistance. South African banks downgraded. Another BRIC in the wall. G20's new bail in GLAC. Canada's Dirty Banks. FDA downs Ebola cures. 24,000 chemicals in bottled water. Down the hatch. Germany says NO to fluoride. The MAJESTIC 17 medicinal plants. The one I never heard of cures cancer and was tested in SCIENTIFIC STUDIES! On Conspiracy Cafe WAR IS HELL! Join the struggle. Change the channel.

County will not pay medical bills for toddler hurt in Habersham raid

When our 'POLICE' throw grenades at babies and burn them severely, isn't it time to say DISARM, DISBAND AND FIRE!

Lt. Ray Albers, 46, a 20-year police veteran

When the police openly threaten to kill members of alternative media, isn't time to say DISARM, DISBAND AND FIRE!

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

St. Louis Police Lieutenant Suspended for death thrreats.



HOW They FAKED the James Foley Beheading Video

"Beheaded" James Foley is NOT James Foley - See For Yourself


Where I would say we have a match is with the ear lobes. They are very distinct and both men have the same pattern. That said in light of the fake beheading trick also posted, I would say that the beheaded is wearing a mask. That is blurring the finer identification marks pointed out in the video. In light of the Benghazi conflict, I'd say were getting the two for one special with this agent provocateur. The bottom line is they want to get involved in Syria and are starved for a pretext. The ultimate end run is to encircle and destroy Russia to stop any alternative international finance system operating outside of the Rothschild Central Bank syndicate. The BRICS is such a system. Of course if they push far enough, we could get WWIII. They'd like that too. I host Canada's alternative news site Conspiracy Cafe. I don't wear a mask. We have the POWER. All we have to do is change the channel and their mind control mass marketing stops working. You are welcome to play in my sandbox.


OUR TWILIGHT LANGUAGE FOR THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. THE LENGTH IS 1:05:39. That means nothing to you I bet. 10539 is a human gene. Our show touches on such things. An image return in the search engine was a movie poster for A YANK IN LIBYA. CUTE!

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