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The John Venn Google Doodle the sign of the whale. Spanish priest returns home with Ebola. More Ebola deaths in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. Ebola victims left in the street. Woman flying into England dies. NYC does biggest drill ever BIOWARFARE. Big tobacco saved by Ebola drug. Vaccine BOTS. Obama hosts Africa's greatest dictators and rights abusers and offers the blood toast. Israel talks GENOCIDE! It's O.K. as long as they do it. Gaza's ethnic cleansing. The raison d'etre the Leviathan gas field Israel's BONANZA. Israeli vets come clean on killing. Israel deploys beam weapons. UK arms plant protests. Why are ISIS and Al Qaeda Israel passive? Israel threatens Obama with Ebola. The $619 billion misspending boondoggle. Detroit water shut off. Intense fighting in Ukraine. Russians massing not an offensive force. NATO cries WOLF! Euro markets take heat. U.S. general whacked in Afghanistan. What did he find out? Samurai Zuckerberg. Kmer Rouge convictions. Obama's brother's book calls into question Obama's family history. Great water reservoir under the firmament. Natural cleaners. Ebola vaccine inventor laughs at bio-weapon to eliminate the human race. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the BLOOD TOAST!

Israeli calls for genocide rooted in its history

Scientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked about Culling Population with GMO Virus 



The SHOCK & AWE should deserve no explanation being terminology from a more recent war.

Messages have been circulating in Africa which claim a plant can 'cure' Ebola, offering false hope to people who have lost friends and family members.

The note - circulating on mobile phone messaging apps - says: 'Bitter-Kola has been internationally verified to cure Ebola.

'Simply peel and chew! May God protect us all, Amen!'

Bitter-Kola is a local name for the Garcinia kola plant, which grows throughout west Africa and has long been used in herbal and folk medicine.

Some doctors in Nigeria have told newspapers it may help - but there is no hard evidence, and other medical experts have dismissed the claims as completely untrue.

The Leviathan (WHALE) gas field. Is Gaza in the way? You bet.

Posted by George Freund on August 11, 2014 at 8:42 AM 2637 Views