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Massive floods in Bulgaria with bank runs to sabotage the Southstream pipeline to Europe. The Line in the Sand Google Doodle. The VW World Cup Google Doodle. The Perfect Storm rises on the global economy. Spain starts bank asset tax. Canada passed bailin law. Moody's downgrades. Euro banks dump Detroit bonds. Yesterday's crises conveniently forgotten. Bubbles the economy. France the last tango. Fixing the Euro. Espirato Santo starts the slide. Markets tumble. BRICS development bank on the horizon. Pushing the Ukraine to the BRINK! U.S puts the bag on Russian MP's son. What did the hacker find out? The Readers Digest of False Flags. ISIL gets chemical weapons and nuclear material. What false flag will they orchestrate? Justice Dept. lawyer thought up ISIS blueprint in 2005. France imposes travel bans. UK passes new snooping laws. Diana Coroner to head pedophile inquiry in the UK. It's in the bag. Was Chief Constable Todd of Manchester murdered over it? Kerry tells Afghan leader to suck it up for the team. You can win the next election. Nicaragua canal done deal. Ortega wimps out to Free Trade Zones. Greeks strike over haircut. Strikes in the UK. On Conspiracy Cafe Europa comes home to roost.

Poland Will Tear the EU Away From Russia

Fixing the Euro

Posted by George Freund on July 13, 2014 at 12:09 PM 2441 Views