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What is the twilight language? It is a glimpse of the unseen. Light is a universal constant. It shines on dimensions above ours. Light shining on anything creates a shadow. These shadows from higher realms exceed our concept of time and space. They are reflected through complex algorithms. Ergo we can search through time and space and linear reality. We read the World Cup Google Doodles. We see WWIII. We see what happened to Flight MH370. We test a news story on the Ukraine and the veracity of claims by Russia. The shadow shines on Moscow. It is the ultimate breakthrough in communications. No other media will allow the secret to get out. We have a compass to see through the fabric of lies and deceits. You are allowed to share at the Cafe. Aren't you glad that you found it?

Iraq crisis Blair's doing. ISIS ON THE MARCH! The world's greatest bank robbery. $425 million stolen from Iraq's central bank. Have the Obamamites seized a covert last term pension fund? Who is the mysterious general? Has Saddam returned to the field? He never was executed. They killed his double. Anyone with eyes to see can, but the world is blind. Rouhani not firm on cooperation. UK opens Iranian embassy. ISIS slaughter pics the latest casualty again. The Jihadist poster boy of ISIS or more apt the School of the Americas. ISIS a manifestation of the goddess Ishtar of the Illuminati faith. How can that be Islamic? The economic denial of the ages. RCMP C and R. Russian TV crew killed in Ukraine. The mystery tanks. Who tuned off Europe's radar? Kenyan PM says FALSE FLAG! Arrests police and military warned of attack. North Korean cruise missile that is. Pope Francis overhauls financial regulations at Vatican Bank. Was his illness retaliation? China invests in UK infrastructure high speed trains and nuclear power plants. Was the Trojan horse a communist? Sabotage at Arizona power plant sort of. On Conspiracy Cafe IT'S MAGIC!


People are seen fleeing the Sloviansk area - scene of some of the fiercest combat - on Thursday

We take the licence plate number (AH 599611) of the car in the above news photo and subject it to the search engine algorithm.

Jimmy's Place is the second hit with the table and glasses. The store is in Moscow too. I like the tree of life on the coin. These search parameters didn't change since yesterday.

In the collage of images several show places in Moscow. We chose the bar Jimmy's Place. It is removed from the core in the proximity of Novospassky Dvor. We search for images from there as well. A truck leaving the railway station catches my eye. It is a huge photo. I put its licence plate number (K 051Xo 199) in the search algorithm. The results show jihadists, the Hartford Police and an art piece on supporting alternative media. There is a shadow on Moscow for sure and the United States as well. The alternative media gets the nod to cast light on the shadow. Very interesting. Today there are several more images. In fact the field has doubled from yesterday. Have we rippled the time line? 

This is the search result today the 20th of June. It is double that of yesterday. The shadow has changed. The timeline has been altered. Yesterday's results are in the second image. Today's replacements are fascinating. The grabbing the head of the snake is most illuminating. The Nazi badge is the head of the snake.We see the World Cup and we see the $ sign. Those were our additions to the soup. A Fukushima reference has beed added as well. We are a quantum change our little homegrown show. Have no doubt. Christ said we must have faith; he will give us what we need. The two slit experiment was successful.

Posted by George Freund on June 20, 2014 at 9:30 AM 2602 Views