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This was our February 17th 2011 show. It was a barn burner recorded at That Channel. It recaps our recording on the Richard Syrett TV show. We won the 9/11 debate HANDS DOWN! The show was scrubbed. That tells you something. After years of struggle, I thought we finally had a break through. It was a bitter disappointment to learn the conspiracy genre was designed to arrive at the truth at the corporate level. But then you have to sell something to get there, it may be your soul. It is definately your integrity. The twilight language came out DARK as the boys put the image in the media player. It tells us we have a DARK KNIGHT. So we joust for truths still. Richard hosts Coast to Coast AM occasionally. They are purported to be an intelligence operation from start to finish. Too bad.

Massive hack attack on Canada, Finance, Treasury and Defence targeted, citizens harassed in terror agenda while critical infrastructure is left unguarded, Harper bus comes to Toronto for crime bill dog and pony show, Port Officer confirms nukes, Conspiracy Cafe reported suspicious 'crate' going to the Olympics last year, terror trainer for London bombing US informant, false flag terror list omits George's information, Hmmm! Operation Mockingbird part deux - controlled opposition, Richard Syrett's Conspiracy Shill Ron Craig, George's taping erased exposed Craig as a disinformation agent with his own words, Is he CIA as well? How come he produces and directs The Conspiracy Show? Food price inflation the weapon of regime change, the Masonic sign in Egypt, 2 Mubaraks, nipples squeezed at the border, Royal Navy goes down the drink, how the master criminals launder their money. On Conspiracy Cafe we joust Conspiracy En Garde!

Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration

How the US let al-Qaida get its hands on an Iraqi weapons factory

Ron Craig versus Richard Gage, AIA: An Analysis of the Controlled Demolition Debate

San Diego Port Officer Says Nukes Have Been Found In San Diego by 'Patner Agency'

Canada sought Olympics nuclear help from U.S.

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship Cancels "Floating Hotel" for Olympics

Strip-searched woman sues U.S. border guards

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