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MERS entrenched in Saudi Arabia and spreading. Anti-biotics losing their punch. Japanese ship reaches west coast. Mark Shand funeral. Drone strike propsed on Bundy ranch. British police abuse stop and frisk powers. Banker deaths a trade secret. Increased unrest in Ukraine. Government blames police. Fighting in Odessa many deaths. NY Times and State Dept. fake photo in Ukraine. Turkey's May Day riots. Federal Appeals court rules on net speed. Syrian rebels crucify opponents. India election candidate immolated. Voting machine damaged by rats. Chinese slave laborer writes help note in Saks bag. Seattle minimum wage to be world maximum. Gary Adams busted for IRA murder. Secret Boston recordings evidence. Is there a connection with the Boston bombing? Pre-historic Atlantis. Cities sinking. Canadian spying rife. Canadians totally docile. Google tests envelope with health snooping ads. Danish Magazine tracks elites' data shadow. New battery technology charges automatically. 3D pen. Historic hotel Hitler used burns in modern day OMEN! The lessons of Network. The tube rules your life. That is what is was made for. It is the Oracle on Conspiracy Cafe.

A TV in the apartment of a couple arrested in a potential terror plot in British Columbia a couple of years ago. Take note of the MK Ultra message.



Posted by George Freund on May 5, 2014 at 6:17 PM 2286 Views