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Another rescue blast from the past. Our March 3rd 2011 episode. It's nice to bring them home.

Conspiracy Cafe is hit with a budget squeeze and will be aired on the first Thursday of the month pending a little help from our friends. The karma effects of war and Project Seal on Oz and New Zealand. Why were 65 SAS commandos guarding 'milk' in Afghanistan? Bahrain Grand Prix rescheduled for war? US airman shot in Germany came from British airbase that launched attack on Libya in '86. Deja Vous? Were Newfoundland missiles a training exercise? Gadaffi was 'tapped' to be President for life of the African Union with Mugabe as his Prime Minister. Holy Tyranny Batman! Gadaffi people handed out the 'hallucination pills' to both sides. Is it the 29 Palms survey live fire exercise? Libyan mercenaries get immunity from the ICC thanks to Uncle Sam setting precedent for President Bush. Army uses psy-ops on Senators. The war for your mind. Dangerous new pathogen found in Round Up Ready crops. The Great European Rip Off. Middle East Madness on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on May 2, 2014 at 6:23 PM 3274 Views