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Russian troops mass on the Ukrainian border. Russia places nuclear weapons on the Polish frontier. Russia rehearses nuclear first strike on Warsaw. Russia drills air raid on Sweden. U.S. talks tough. Russia drills Euro invasion. U.S. returns tanks to Europe. Mass arrests of demonstrators in Moscow. Ukrainian riot police beg forgiveness. Pressure mounts to seize Crimea. China preps for war with Japan. U.S. drills South Korea. Fukushima plume reaches west coast. Assange's lawyer has special visit to the White House, worked the Tymoshenko case, setting up Syrian surveillance satellite with George Clooney. Massive Bitcoin theft. Millions in rare gold coins found in California. Brooks claims she knew NOTHING at hacking trial. Piers Morgan gets the CNN boot. Banned book on British spy sees light. Swastikas on British building shed light on the same old struggle. On Conspiracy Cafe Russia mobilizes.

Posted by George Freund on February 27, 2014 at 2:38 AM 2493 Views