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This is a rescue from December 23, 2010. The network was closed for the 'holidays.' We prerecorded this unique episode. Compliments of That Channel it is archived. Enjoy. Learn how they kill.

This special edition of Conspiracy Cafe is posted while the network is closed. The globalization and free trade myth defies Economics 101 and all the relative laws, George's warning to parliament in 1999 a dire prophesy for today - war, fighting in the streets, economic collapse. Is it too late? The Ronni Chasen murder trail to mobster Giancarlo Parretti, the looting of Credit Lyonnais, the deaths of Vatican bankers Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona. Panama connections by shell companies and control of the political machine. The rabbit hole goes very deep with a company set up by Israeli paratroopers near the WTC in NYC. They shot the Pope. They shot the President. They control the banksters and they control the media with the Hollywood death cult. The greatest psy-ops ever told - Santa and the Christmas myth. Are we praying to Amen the Sun God? Conspiracy Cafe from Blackfriar's Bridge to Wilshire Blvd.

Posted by George Freund on February 2, 2014 at 8:39 AM 3207 Views