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Another rescue mission compliments of That Channel our November 11th 2010 episode. Hitler stares at the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire.

The sun sets on Remembrance Day. We remember the real causes of war and conflict. Adolf Hitler admiring the Crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. Teutonic Knights of the master race were committed to build their own order with a little help from their friends, the theft and recovery of the Crown jewels, the role of the Spear of Destiny in WWII, the secret Nazi crypt at Nordhausen tombs of the fatherland, manifest destiny of the Third Reich - the Bilderberg Group, WWI the end of the monarchies, the G20, American economic collapse a mathematical certainty, the mysterious missile launch off California, the truth of the Gulf seabed, the Earth wobble and the eruption of Mount Merapi. Lest we forget on Conspiracy Cafe.

Another large find in spring 1945 by the U.S. First Army was the salt mine at Bernterode in Germany's Thuringia Forest.47 During the war, the mine had been used as a storehouse of German munitions and military supplies. In a room behind a brick wall and locked door, however, were huge caskets adorned with Nazi regalia. At first the Americans thought they had found Hitler's tomb, but upon examination, they discovered that the caskets held the bodies of "three of Germany's most revered rulers: Field Marshal von Hindenburg, Frederick the Great, and Frederick William I."48 In addition to the caskets, the American troops found German regimental banners, the Prussian crown regalia with the jewels removed, and paintings, including some by artists such as Watteau and Cranach. And in May 1945, Allied troops found confiscations at Berchtesgaden and Neuschwanstein castle, both of which stored hundreds of ERR loot.49

The book tells of the 4th coffin left out in the National Archives version - Adolf Hitler's. It was empty. These men were in a crypt inside six feet of stone hidden in the mine. The mine was an offshoot of Nordhausen rocket facility. It was a massive underground base. A priest named (Karol Wojtyla John Paul II) rescued the altar.

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