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NWO Road Trip Port au Prince on Conspiracy Cafe


Another rescue to the website. Our version of the Haiti earthquake from January 21, 2010. It's the fourth anniversary today. Our Analysis is still cutting edge. 

In the latest installment of the genocide card, the NWO wastes the city of Port Au Prince. Of course very few know of the Illuminati card game. Eerie blue light photographed over China preceding the quake. Strange emanations from Australia focus on a mine. Former U.S. ambassador to the Dominican accused of narcotics trafficking hired by a mine with a new base in the Dominican. Taino Indian caves and Ozama. The forgotten UN massacres in Haiti. Rescues stopped or delayed. Death toll 20 fully loaded jumbo jets per day but no smoking gotchies to change the paradigm. George's prayer for Haiti on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on January 13, 2014 at 7:58 AM 3039 Views