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South African SIGN OFF a Manchurian delight. Translator an assassin? Seymour Hersh report on Syrian chemical weapons falls casualty in American media. Obama birth certificate verifer dies in crash. Obama's spiritual advisor's son suicided. The hot blond selfie gets Obama in the soup with the Mrs. Did Nelson Mandela die in June? Is Alex Jones really 'deceased' comedian Bill Hicks? Canada Post stops door to door faces multi billion dollar pension shortfall. Code of Silence forced on ALL Parliamentary staff - TREASON perhaps. Canada claims the North Pole. Santa activates Arctic airbase for the Russians. Putin puts the band back together. It's Back in the USSR. DHS man fired for inciting race war. Musical chairs BANKSTER appointed to the FED. IMF sniffing NEGATIVE interest rates. QUESTION ENLIGHTENED ONES: Why are credit card rates up to 28%? Who's going to buy anything? Opening the door to FED FOR ALL! Bloomberg vaccinates all NYC children. Vote me out, I'll poison your children. Campus cop shoots mouthy honor student. Mental patient on day pass buys luxury SUV and is approved by the Bank. On Conspiracy Cafe it's REVERSALS!

Posted by George Freund on December 16, 2013 at 8:34 AM 1773 Views