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Diane Feinstein wages JIHAD on alternative media. Kenyan mall shooting faults. Major news outlets slip their audience a fast one. The 'wounded' on CBC radio are NOT wounded on video. Former PM embezzler a 'victim.' Minnesota woman root source of story worrisome source with possible relation to President. Was a Canadian power establishment family 'sacrificed.' Could the 'terrorists carry enough ammo for a four day blast against the Kenyan army. Israel had boots on the ground. TV show was being filmed at the mall. Aaron Alexis and the naval yard shooting. MK Ultra used on shooter. The story of the SHOTGUN used a major clue. Capital Police ordered to stand down. Was the secret movement of nuclear weapons on Washington the root cause of the problem? Federation of Atomic Scientist's plan for the destruction of D.C. Same kids used over several times as victims of chemical attack in Syria. On Conspiracy Cafe we take on STAGE MANAGED NEWS!

Posted by George Freund on September 27, 2013 at 9:10 PM 2662 Views