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The CONSPIRACY history of the FDA a typical false flag. Google goes down. Senate votes arms treaty down. Farage says you say you want a revolution. Egypt a proxy war. Jackson's glitter glove an MK Ultra prop. Cellphones DO NOT raise accident rates. They raise STATE revenue. PSYOPS DRILL in small town USA. Dempsey prepares for war with Israeli leaders. Saudi Prince DEFECTS. UK prepares for WAR. Indian submarine explodes on eve of mission. Apocalypse Britain. EIGHT YEAR OLD used as for drone target. SAS letter claims Princess Diana whacked. JFK CIA revelations. HASTINGS penned CIA. Death of the Microsoft man. OLYMPIC stuntman dies in fall. Was it murder most foul. On Conspiracy Cafe IT'S CHECKMATE!

Posted by George Freund on August 21, 2013 at 8:15 AM 2372 Views