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U.S State Department issues world wide terror advisory. U.S closes Middle East embassies. Real life Jason Bourne located in Sweden. Russia holds massive drills for thermonuclear war and invasion by U.S. Japanese. Israel attacks Russian missiles destined for Syria. Joint Chief's war plans. NATO prepares drill for invasion of Poland. U.S. buying Russian small arms ammo. Russians and Chinese excluded from U.S. global domination trade pacts. Japanese looking to militaristic past in Constitution change. False flag averted in West Virginia. Fukushima still burning. HAARP in Gakona closed. Robots to corner fast food jobs. Amash Amendment defeated. FOIA request uncovers sniper plan for activists. Seal Team Six. UN confiscates arms under penalty of death. Massive oil find down under. Barnaby Jack dies mysteriously. NAU cops want diplomatic immunity. Billionaires cut and run from U.S. economy. Scientists stop light. British media in fake events. On Conspiracy Cafe we're on HIGH ALERT!

Posted by George Freund on August 3, 2013 at 4:46 PM 2523 Views