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This is one of the GREATEST films in the Conspiracy Night at the Movies section of videos. Imagine it's just after the war - 1946. RKO pictures reveals escaped Nazis are in Brazil plotting against the world. The daughter of a German war criminal (Ingrid Bergman) is recruited as an American Agent controlled by none other than Cary Grant. She marries Claude Rains portraying one of the Nazis only to be discovered. She is slowly poisoned in an attempt to silence her. In the ULTIMATE act of predictive programming who are they poisoning? If you guesses Eva Peron, you win the grand prize in a free thinking mind. Evita knew where the money was laundered and where the bodies were buried. She knew the Niederlage Plan cold. She waffled. They killed her. The other four men involved in the transfer of the loot also all died. There names were Freude, Doerge, Von Leute, and Staudt. You see the connection between the celluloid dimension and real life. You have progressed very far. Others still sniff at the gossip garbage left to lead you astray. Of course Ingrid was saved in true Hollywood fashion, but the real life drama's frequantly have a sadder ending. Hitchcock was under FBI surveillance it has been claimed. ENJOY NOTORIOUS!

Eva Peron


After Peron married Eva on October 21, 1945, they consolidated their

hold over the Nazi hoard and eliminated any possible interference from

the four German trustees.... Over the course of the next seven years

they all died violently. Heinrich DorgeÕs body was found in a Buenos

Aires street in 1949; Ricardo von Leute was murdered in the city in

December 1950; then Ricardo Staudt died in a hit-and-run accident;

finally Ludwig Freude was found slumped over his breakfast table in

1952. He had drunk poisoned coffee.



Excerpts courtesy: Gerald L Posner & John Ware, Mengele, The Complete

Story, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1986. pp. 99-100.


ÒBefore his brief exile Peron had set aside 10,000 blank Argentine

passports and identity cards for use by ranking Nazi fugitives....

Although Peron continued to believe that a reconstructed Germany would

return to Nazism within a decade to fulfil HitlerÕs dream of a

thousand-year Reich, his reasons for helping escaping Nazis were not

just ideological. There was much money to be made as well. Peron was

strongly suspected of having benefited from the booty that the Nazi

hierarchy had smuggled out of Europe as a postwar nest egg in the event

of defeat. From August 1942 through 1944, crates with markings like

ÒAuschwitzÓ and ÒTreblinkaÓ were sent directly to the Reichsbank in

Berlin. The bankÕs senior clerk, Albert Thoms, said: ÔThe incoming

quantities of gold teeth grew by leaps and bounds, as did other

valuables. Once we received twelve kilos of pearls in a single shipment.

IÕve never seen such a mass of sparkling baubles in all my life.Õ

[Source: International Military Tribunal, Nuremburg, Volume XIII, p.

581, National Archives, Washington DC.]


ÒReichsbank records show that more than 3,500 ounces of platinum,

550,000 ounces of gold and 4,638 carats of diamonds, as well as hundreds

of works of art, were then packed into special pouches, along with

millions of gold marks, pounds sterling, dollars and Swiss francs. The

treasure was shipped by six German U-boats in an operation code-named

Aktion Feuerland (Operation Land of Fire). [Source: Federal Security,

Argentine Internal Intelligence, ÒForeign ConsignmentÓ, Internal

Memorandum, Buenos Aires, April 1946.]


ÒIt was handled on arrival in Argentina by four German ÔtrusteesÕ:

Ludwig Freude...Ricardo Staudt...Dr Heinrich Dorge... and Ricardo von



ÒThese four German representatives turned the incoming booty into

currency and gold and deposited it in vaults in the Banco Germanico and

the Banco Tourquist. All deposits were made in the name of PeronÕs then

mistress and future wife, Eva Durate. [Source: Memorandum from Niceforo

Alarcon to the Minister of the Navy, ÔGerman Disembarkation at San

Clemente del TuyuÕ, April 1946, file number CF-OP-2315, Federal

Coordinancion archives, Buenos Aires.]






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