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Boston Legal on Conspiracy Cafe


Civil War lines drawn in the United States. Biden calls for a NWO. BRICS make banks in drive for order. U.S. reinforces Asia. The war for guns. Children brainwashed in schools to surrender their freedoms. Psychiatric patients rounded up in data base. Gun owners rounded up in data base. Maricopa Sheriff gets mail bomb. Ricin letters mailed. Popular patsy arrested. Taiwan train escapes bombing. Boston suspects. Leonhard Euler Google doodle. Saudi man tackled in Boston. Cross country coach reports drills. Media experts aim jihad at Muslims and patriots. Many secondary devices denied. JFK library fire suspicious. Canadian runner warned he would die in race. Sandy Hook marker at blast site. Finish line 666 Boylston. States rights trial day after bombing. Bitcoin crash. EU meeting in Ireland confirms account seizures. Fed shorts gold. Stockton seeks bankruptcy protection. The depression spiral. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Boston Legal.

Posted by George Freund on April 20, 2013 at 8:22 PM 3166 Views