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The Grand Finale on Conspiracy Cafe



We have reached the limits of our financing and adjourn sine die. The good news is that's next week. I had quite the surprise waiting for me at the mailbox and with Paypal. We are deeply humbled. The world is run on the model of Jim Jones and Jonestown. Don't drink the kool aid. Change the channel. The traitors Feinstein and Pelosi have direct links to the People's Temple days in San Francisco. They want your guns. They have the FEMA camps. All they need is YOU! Feinstein's CORO Foundation has fellows serving mass shootings in Aurora and Virginia. Hmmm? World Vision is a CIA front that used Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley. There were many other 'Jonestown's' too. First school shooting in the modern era a Jonestown production. Hemorrhagic disease on the loose fits the message in the Adams Google doodle as well as the fried rodent that shorted out the cooling system at Fukushima. Colorado prison director killed for Holmes madness. Where has all the ammo gone? Berezovsky killed but WHY? Assad shot? Mississippi politico suicided. North Korea chest beating. Control towers close all over the US. Frenchman gets behind the wheel on US Airways flight. States line up to confiscate cash from your bank accounts. UK banks profit wiped out. Putin says get your money out of the bank. Dutch Bank says no gold for you. PM warns friends and billions leave Cyprus before the upcoming 40% haircut - close shave. Smoke and mirrors used on central bank gold. Ford uses Berlusconi and bondage girls to sell cars in India, but is there a hidden truth? On Conspiracy Cafe it's the grand finale.

Posted by George Freund on March 28, 2013 at 2:50 PM 3259 Views