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Come in low out of the rising sun on Conspiracy Cafe


There's a rider coming in tonight to square away the news. He's NOT politically correct. He is damn accurate though. Clinton tells her side of Benghazi. Pinocchio is going to sue her for copyright violation. BRITISH DIDDLERS GOING DOWN. Our MP has lists given to police intelligence. 12 States pass gun control measures calling for the ARREST of Federal agents and employees. Sandy Hook was the failed false flag. Mysterious van tracked to NYC apartment. Polar Vortex splits. G4S to replace police in PRIVATIZATION move. Told you years ago. TSA removes scanners. No more roasted nuts. Bird flu team back in action with weaponization. Traitor Feinstein introduces gun ban. TREASON is just another word to hang on the PerpeTRAITORS' door. Speaking of hanging the penalty was death. On Conspiracy Cafe we come in low out of the rising sun.

Posted by George Freund on January 27, 2013 at 7:58 AM 5186 Views