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Gotham map maker killed in car crash. Psychological Warfare techniques and how they are used on you. Eric Holder visits Connecticut before massacre. United Way charity accounts set up for Sandy Hook before massacre. Project Longevity. Fema drill at zip code 06606. You Tube shooting channel personality shot to death. Assault rifle manufacturer killed in car crash. Chicago ground zero in the propaganda war. Crime rates world wide. Sheriffs take the lead in the assault on guns and the Bill of Rights. Million man march for the Second Amendment. Aaron Swartz dies. TSA opt out. Nazi plan radiate your gentitals as a sterilization program. Hmmm? Children in anthrax experiments. Moose dying in Minnesota. Bankers die in crash. Fed cease and desist order for JP Morgan. Central Banks go for gold. Robots to replace 70% of workers. The reason why? OPTION: Governors, Sheriffs SURROUND, SEIZE, OCCUPY FEDERAL BUILDINGS. NEEDED ONE MAN WITH BALLS. Can we find one?

Posted by George Freund on January 17, 2013 at 2:43 PM 3532 Views