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Ada Lovelace Google Doodle an 'inferno' in the works from the mouths of 'deep throat.' Author expects nuclear 9/11 in Phoenix. The Fermi bubble. Terminator robots to take care of business. SMART tattoos for children. U.S. collecting world leaders DNA. We can clone them. Gene specific murder weapons. Damascus in prophecy. NATO reinforces Turkey. Strike fleet prepares for Syria. Chemical weapons jibe the hoax of the week. Trees dying FAST. U.S. conducts 27th nuclear test in preperation for...Gun control follies: women made perpetual grovelling victims, monkee with an AK 47 shows the way. The launch that never was Iceland 2004. The waters turn RED. Anonymous won the election and stopped Rove from stealing the votes. Petraeus a Murdoch man. Aussie royal prank call a conspiracy to regulate the media. Mayan elders bottom of the list in 2013 speaking tours. Survive the apocalypse in the Pyrenees. Derivatives risk more than 17 twin towers of $100 bills $228.72 trillion. Bank of England's new Gov Goldman Sachs Bilderberg. Queen inspects the gold vaults. Lawyer beats IRS over tax liability. Loblaws severs real estate holdings from business as melt down insurance. Slave children not elves make Christmas trinkets. Drug companies kill 10's of thousands yet guns are desired to be banned. Cumin the wonder spice. Charles asks where's Harry? Is he being set up for elimination? The odds of dying in a terrorist attack. On Conspiracy Cafe we go out with a BANG!

Posted by George Freund on December 15, 2012 at 10:19 PM 3966 Views