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End of the world cult misses the mark in Brazil. The Great debate means nothing in the two party fascist regime. Romney's foreign policy sung to the tune of the Beatles Revolution: 'You say you want an Armageddon.' Mormon prophet was a British agent. The Mormon matrix hijacked U.S. Liberty ship and overthrew Allende for uranium for Israel's A bombs. Middle East a carefully contrived plot to burn the house down for the Messiah's return. Romney wizard behind the Bush drug cartel. Churches and other groups silent. Romney the greatest American liar since Polk. 9/11 the Mormon connection treachery from inside. The Mountain Meadows Massacre continued revealing today's plots as yesterday. Israeli election pending. Assassinations and the death of Ambassador Stevens. Turkey gave mortar to insurgents. The Little Nemo Google doodle and the rise of the off shore City State the greatest change in human society since we left the cave. The sign of Jonah is a Google doodle, The Arkansas explosion was an attack on a train. Nibiru in our view finder too close to call. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Mormon Matrix.

Posted by George Freund on October 22, 2012 at 2:44 PM 3006 Views