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Dr. Steven Greer & Amardeep Kaleka : The Next Step in Disclosure - (May 11th, 2012)

Dr. Steven Greer's father was the intended target in the Sikh temple shooting. He was killed. Dr. Greer was working on a Disclosure project film. Heroes die for you and the information the NWO tries to hide from you. Pray for them. Support them where you can. . HERE'S THE LINK .

Sirius: The Next Step in Disclosure

Dr. Steven Greer is joined by Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker, Amardeep Kaleka. They will discuss the next level of Disclosure that will happen with the documentary they are working on. The first part will include witness testimony that will establish that we have been visited by ET civilizations. The 2nd part will connect the dots showing how the ET issue relates to the New Energy issue and the development of new civilization on planet Earth. The final section of the film will show the contact the CE-5 teams led by Dr. Greer have been experiencing. Listen first hand to the excitement about this ground-breaking film that will rock the world!

Posted by George Freund on August 27, 2012 at 10:42 PM 4246 Views